The Makings of a Woman.

What does it mean to be a woman? Is being a woman contingent on the appearance of my body — the size and perkiness of my breasts or the firmness of my derriere? Is being a woman based on the old school “tradition” of being a domesticated housewife? To be a woman, am I defined by…

Woman, thou art.

I used to think that I had my entire life mapped out. I’ve always had this image in my head of what “adulting” looked like; I always had this ‘plan’ of what my life was going to look like once I became a “real adult“.


There’s nothing more melodically pleasing to the ears than to hear the beautiful “glub” of a heartbeat. There’s nothing more amazing than to see the wondrous creation and formation of life. The only thing greater than that, is to be the one chosen to witness such a creation inside of you.

The Day I Made the Decision to be A Bad Bitch.

The day that I decided that I was a bad bitch was the best day of my life and ultimately the best decision that I have ever made. Now, I don’t really care to get into the politics or the history of the term ‘bad bitch’ and how it is “offensive” and blah blah blah….


Everything I ever felt, everything I ever wanted to say, is all right here. And even when I thought that the emotions had gone away, you still found a way to bring them out of me. Curse or muse? Sometimes I really can’t understand you. Or myself for the matter. 


This is not gonna be one of those posts where I condemn sex and preach abstinence and all of that because for one, it would be highly, highly hypocritical of me and two, I have my own personal beliefs on sex/virginity as well as my own interpretation of God & sex – but that’s neither here


Women should not be condemned to a life of censorship. If a man is allowed to embrace and discover his manhood, then why can’t I as a woman celebrate and explore my womanhood? Am I not a person? I have my own wants, desires, ambitions, and goals, and I refuse to relinquish any authority or…


Going bra-free has nothing to do with revealing my anatomical body parts or “getting attention”. But it does have everything to do with freedom.