This is an old post that I rediscovered from one of my earlier blogs. It’s just a quick devotional but still rings true til today. Hope you enjoy



There’s nothing more melodically pleasing to the ears than to hear the beautiful “glub” of a heartbeat. There’s nothing more amazing than to see the wondrous creation and formation of life. The only thing greater than that, is to be the one chosen to witness such a creation inside of you.


I haven’t been blogging as much as I want to because…life. I have  so many things that I want to say, I have the urge to write but conceptualizing everything into a post that makes sense and gets to the point has been proving to be slightly challenging for me these days. Today, I just…

Writers Block

I have been struggling with  trying to come up with an idea of what to write but I just haven’t really had much to say. Which is a huge contradiction because I actually DO have a lot to say. I have so many topics that I want to touch on but I just cannot seem…


Wow! It’s amazing what 40 days away from everything can do for you. I feel like I have gained so much insight on myself and life in general. It’s kinda crazy how pain can push you to where you need to be. I needed to go on this spiritual fast/cleanse. And I honestly don’t think…

Who Were You Pre-hurt?

Who were you “pre-hurt”? For a while now I feel like I have kind of been going through the motions with my life — well, more specifically my love life. 

Dare To Begin.

2016 is here and as much as I loathe that cliche phrase of, “New Year, New Me”, I kind of feel like that’s where I’m at right now. 

“A lot of shit don’t look good til the end.”

Be patient. Breathe. Relax. Sometimes I have to remind myself to take time to  be truthfully grateful and appreciate the process. So often I catch myself trying to rush through some imaginary race against others that just does not exist. Learning to find the balance between contentedness while striving for more is a skill that…

Protect Your Dream

God gives us all the power to make things happen. Whatever it is that we want to achieve or accomplish, God gives us all the tools and opportunities necessary to make our move. The only thing we have to do is reach our hands out and grab it.


My life always seems to fluctuate. One day it’s amazing and I feel like I’m on top of the world and the next it feels like my world is crashing down. Earlier this year, I made the proclamation that this year was my year of betterment. And even with the minor hiccups that I have…


I have this uncanny ability to go in on these random rants on different social media outlets. But honestly, ‘ranting‘ is what keeps me sane. Whether it’s writing or producing a video or just having a conversation with someone…it’s having that expressive side of me that allows me to be emotional. It is with this…

2014: Year of Reflection

As this year winds down and I reflect on all that’s happened up until this point, I feel pretty excited for 2015. I have learned so much about myself this year and I have experienced a lot of amazing (and not so amazing) moments in my life. I’ve never been a big believer or promoter…